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Data: 12 Novembre 2022
Orario: 21:00 - 21:00


ORIENTATION: The year is 2002. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the economic situation in Russia and the former Eastern Europe fell into chaos. Terrorism in the region is commonplace as people fight a seemingly endless stream of battles for supplies and other necessities. The surge of terrorism in the middle east has sparked a flame in powerful men who hate the west. They assist other terrorists in their attacks by supplying them with weapons and resources. The CIA aims to employ Strike Group assets to hunt down a specific organization that supplies terrorist organizations around the Mediterranean Sea. You will be playing as Federazione Anarchica Informale. You will spawn in the vicinity of the objective as you are defending.

SITUATION: Your enemy is likely to conduct a squad sized raid on the objective building in order to retrieve the hostage. Low light conditions, early morning, rainy weather. Civilian Population may be present.
MISSION: Your mission is to conduct an area defense around the objective in order to prevent enemy from retrieving the hostage
EXECUTION: Your equipment is a variety of Italian and Yugoslav camoflage and small arms.
All personnel get radios. There will be no respawns.
If there is still an interest after the main mission there will be a “fun round a’la OFCRA”.

2100hrs CET – Mission Launch
2115hrs CET – BLUFOR insertion
Teamspeak Server:
Game Server:
Password: Narnia


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